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Welcome to Naoko Takeuchi Fan Group
This is a club dedicated to the most talented and famous manga artist around the world Naoko Takeuchi ^.^ :worship:

Club officially began on April 13, 2004!


:bulletgreen: Click on "Join Group" on the home page. There, you will be able to request to be a member.

:bulletgreen: When you join, please name one work by Naoko Takeuchi that you like that is NOT Sailor Moon and Codename wa Sailor V in the join comments.

Hint- Name another series other than Sailor Moon or Codename wa Sailor V- see About Takeuchi-sensei (Takeuchi Naoko) Journal for a complete list!* :)

Espanol by Silverlegends
:bulletgreen: Da click en el botón "Join Group" en la página principal, entonces se te permitirá solicitar ser un miembro.
:bulletgreen: Cuando te unas, por favor menciona un trabajo que te agrade de Naoko Takeuchi que NO Sea Sailor Moon y Codename wa Sailor V en los comentarios.


1. You can find out how to submit to a group via the Deviantart FAQ at the bottom or in our featured deviations section.

2. Please submit more than Sailor Moon works to the group. If you wish to submit only Sailor Moon works, this group is not for you.

3. Please submit only Takeuchi-sensei canon characters to this group. No OCs.

4. Any deviations that violate DA rules will not be accepted. This includes anything you didn't draw yourself, applied filters, or any work you did not create from scratch yourself. Tracing is allowed, collages of copyrighted material will not be accepted.

5. Please submit to the correct folder. Submissions will be rejected for submitting to the wrong folder.

6. Anyone can submit favo[u]rites. No OCs please.


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About Takeuchi-sensei (Takeuchi Naoko)
Latest Takeuchi-senshi News
Where to buy her work?
Naoko Takeuchi Con Fan Panels
That Viz has been taking liberties with the translation of the subs on Sailor Moon Crystal.

And one has to remember when you mess with Sailor Moon there is a curse where your company will go under in order of how much you mess with it. DiC and Saban went under. Optimum also. Geneon, and Tokyopop suffered near bankruptcy.

Nani o sore? is not "shut up" Shut up in Japanese can be either rendered as "Damate" or "Shizuka ni"

Nani o sore? is more like a "whatever." or more literally, "What is that?"

In context, Usagi is trying to be carefree about her grades. But saying shut up, doesn't have the same connotation.

When discussing the scores and Ami being from a family where her mom is a doctor, they do not say she seems "unfriendly", but that she lives in a different world. Chigau Sekaii is "Different world" So literally, she lives in a "different world" than us. Unfriendly is Nakama inai... (Has no friends)

"Find your allies and your princess and *protect* her." not "save" her. Luna says... Mamoru yo. Not Tasukete yo.

Youma are not "The evil" --;; I wish they'd translated that better. Spirits, demons... even the basic "monster" "Evil" is a different word in Japanese. It doesn't have the same level that "monster" does.

I am accounting for the situational and the cultural contexts, but I can't seem to understand the anamolies in translation.

That said, I'm pretty pleased with the series itself. =P It's like the manga if Takeuchi-sensei were to redo it from the top. It has that feeling. And it also doesn't feel like it's trying to rewrite the original anime one bit. I just wish Viz put more effort into the subs translation.... though I understand the short turn around can't be easy for them.
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Hola!! tengo casi todas sus obras, a mi me gustan especialmente las antiguas, The Cherry project, Marie y las historietas de Prism Time. Tb Chocolate Xmas me parece precioso, con una dulcura de dibujos que se pierde en los ultimos tomos de sailor moon. Miss rain... Takeuchi es una artistaza impresionante, por favor que publiquen sus obras antiguas en castellano en España pronto!!
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